Sunday, July 23, 2006

so we are really ticked off.... for the costume contest they got some lame ass white trash kids who couldn't read to be judges. they got all dazzled by a couple of hos in cheap sequin get ups calling themselves paris and nicole. They didn't even look at us. The second and third place winners were just as stupid. people told us afterwards that we should have won. Next year screw them all. Birdie is wearing my elvis costume (it is too small on me now) and I'll dress up as priscilla.
stupid chihuahua BBQ.
it was really hot too so we didn't wear our costumes very long - this is the only picture mommy really got of us.
birdie was a total ho too. She was checking out all kinds of guys. Her favourite one - riley - was a chihuahua mix. He fell asleep in his Mommy's lap and birdie went over and licked his naughty bits while he was passed out. Isn't that like date rape? Birdie really truly has no social skills. I can't believe she is my sister. She didn't bark though - she was very quiet which is unusual.
Mommy has to go to bed early tonight cause she has to be at work with Pierce at 5:42 am an hour out of town. That means mommy is getting up at 3:30am. HA HA HA HAAAA!!! Sucker.


  1. The iPups are adorable!!!! A winner in my book not that my vote counts for much. The winner’s costume & your two girls’ costumes is like comparing Paris Hilton and Grace Kelly.

  2. iPup and iPup nano!? Brilliantly hilarious. Those judges were clearly stupid. I cannot figure out what the fascination is with Paris/Nicole.

    However, my fascination with you two is perfectly understandable.

  3. Awesomely witty, mommy! Way to go!
    Um, and mommy? Maybe it's time to talk to Birdie about the birds and the bees and other dogs weenies. Maybe?