Thursday, July 14, 2005

WOoo weeee

Today has been a busy evening. Mommy came home from work around 6:30pm and she decided I needed to go running with her. I was LESS then impressed. I ran for ohhhh 7 minutes then came to a complete stop - no walking nothing and when Mommy stopped I put on my most pathetic face, slowly walked up to her, and did my most pathetic attempt at 'pick me up' EVER! Well it worked - but not for long. Mommy picked me up. But instead of turning around and walking home she kept going.
Finally she put me down and we walked. I decided to start running again to get it over with. But once we hit the halfway point and turned around - well I got her then!!!! I decided to sprint all the way home - let's see her try and keep up!!!! HA HA HA HAAA she totally couldn't. Fat old lady. She deserved that. People laughed at her when they passed - jogging with a chihuahua and the chihuahua is pulling her on the leash. HA HA HAAAAA!
Anyways. That was exhausting. I came home and ate and slept while Mommy puttered around.
Then while I was perfectly content - sleeping - she scooped me up and dropped me in the tub - I swear she better sleep with one eye open tonight. Thank goodness it was quick but still totally unpleasant, even with the Pee Wee Herman video playing in the background.
Finally we went to bed - early - before 10:00pm cause we were tired. But then we both woke up at midnight. And now we can't sleep - and there has been even more excitment.
I heard a funny noise and jumped up and looked for it but Mommy didn't hear it so she told me to go back to bed - but don't you think 10 minutes later she hears it too and then wants me to get up and see what it is. NO WAY.... Finally we spot it. A HUGE MOTH. Mommy hates moths - I love moths. I start to chase it around the room and Mommy ran away. Mommy came back in a bit with a rolled up newspaper. We must remind you all it is 1:00am for this portion of the story. And we live in a house where there is other people sleeping. Mommy comes in with her newspaper, sees the moth, freaks out like it is a mouse and jumps on the bed. I am still chasing the moth jumping on whatever I can when it is flying high and following it under the bed when it goes there. Mommy in on top of the bed waving this ridulous newspaper around screaming "GET IT MINOU GET IT!" over and over again... I think she was sweating...
I think it must have taken us a good 10 minutes. Mommy managed to make contact with it about 3 times slightly stunning it. I had it in my mouth several times but it tickled so I always opened my mouth again. In the end it was lying on the floor pretty motionless and Mommy just kept whacking it saying "die die die die"
I am pretty sure it was DEAD. No more fun for me - i think it is okay though Mommy was starting to scare me.
Now it is almost 2:00am and our adrenaline is going. Mommy said I get to go to work with her tomorrow - how exactly are we waking up in 3 hours? I am going back to sleep but Mommy looks like she will be up all night.
So if there is anyone else out there who is awake right now they can come visit - Mommy will be up.
I hope tomorrow isn't quite so exciting... this was too much..


  1. That is so adorable.
    Good luck getting up that early, and I very much hope you don't encounter any more moths :)

  2. Good to hear you and mommy are getting exercise. Don't make fun of her for going slow, she needs encouragement.

    Tell your mommy that I'm finally, finally running (jogging) regularly! I might fit into some of my clothes again...

    Hope you both got enough sleep to make it to work today!

  3. don't you wish i had been there even a little bit,mon amour? i would have got you two histerical girls back to bed in an instant. after all that's what husbands and dads are for, right? chasing moths, smooshing spider and protecting against all other evil...oh, and by the way young lady(the younger one) when your mommy says run , you say :how fast? got that? no lolligaging!