Tuesday, July 19, 2005

de do do do de da da da

ok pretty boring these days - mommy is back on 12 hour days and daddy is still working out of town. Mommy wanted to go for some exercise after work today but I didn't and she didn't want to leave me alone so we went for a bike ride - it was fun. I sit in the basket with my blanket and a harness. we biked to the univeristy and then through the park even though it was getting dark - Mommy knew she could bike fast.

Mommy took her camera to work today. She said they weren't making anything interesting but she liked these two pictures.

the serger thread kept breaking today - she said all of them musthave spent at least 15 minutes on it today trying to fix it at some point. I know Mommy hates threadinf sergers.

and this is just a shot of a shirt mommy was making...
tomorrow mommy is on set with the barbarians again - at least it isn't supposed to rain or be all night. Maybe i can go to thyrza's on thursday

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