Thursday, July 7, 2005


Mommy and I decided to not get worried or upset as we live in fantasy land where chihuahua's have blogs and mommy works with movie stars....
The real world is no fun and CRUEL.
Mommy lived in L.A. when 9/11 happened and hated all the paranoia it generated. All she wanted to do was leave the USA. She is glad she isn't there now because even though it happened in London we are pretty sure the paranoia has started in the USA.
We are sad for the people who are hurt or lost someone but we will not get freaked out by it.
We are in Canada and we are going to ignore it.
We will bake yummy cookies, make frivalous costumes with sparkles, chew on rawhide bones, wear 3"platform shoes, buy rhinestone collars, and paint pictures of rainbows.(and wish blogspot had spell check) Maybe if we pretend the world is a happy place it will be....

(It isn't official yet but Mommy got offered another job today too - designing for theatre again - I think Mommy shoved that horseshoe a little far up her butt)

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  1. Hey Min min - Good luck with the fantasy world. Sometimes it helps for little chihuahuas to live in denial.