Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Mommy is still working alot - I got to go along today but yesterday I was alone ALL DAY for 14 hours. but today was good and I made a new friend.
My new friend is Christine. Mommy says she is going to come keep me company a few times a week. I can't wait, she rubbed my bum alot. She brought me treats but I was being fussy.

Today, when I was at work with Mommy, Jodi gave me cheese and I helped Nancy sew. I am sooo smart and helpful. I growled alot to cause there was another puppy there named cocoa and I wanted to make sure she didn't get any cheese from Jodi. I slept on a chair most of the day. Alot of the people who are usually there were gone so it wasn't as exciting. But it was better then being alone.

The fundraising is going extremely well - I am shocked really! Thank you sooo much everyone! Our team is #5 on the list of top fundraisers! Jodi, Sparky, Mommy and me are a team called Sparky and Minou. Sparky is a rescue dalmation from the SPCA.
But if you haven't donated yet please dooo - we have a LONG way to go to beat the team in 4th place (they have double what we have)
this is my new friend sparky!

The walk feels soooo far away still but we are already planning our outfits - I am not going to let mommy screw up like she did at the chihuahua picnic. Mommy thinks she will make us all pink feather boas. Apparently Sparky doesn't wear t-shirt which is unfortunate. Mommy said maybe she could make me a t-shirt with spots on it so I would look like Sparky. That would be fun - maybe Mommy and Jodi can have spots too!

here are some pictures from the weekend....

mommy sleeping in the pool - i wa so worried i followed her floaty thing around and around and around as she floated.

me being cute! as usual

Me on our walk.

Auntie Rina and Daddy on our walk.

a big ugly slug... ewww ewwww ewwww. a slug slimed all over my pillow and mommy had to wash it.

Thanks again to everyone who has donated so far!!!!!!
P.S. mommy was knitting this weekend, it was nothing exciting though. just stockinette maybe after a few more inches we will take a picture.


  1. Oh Minou -- you are so darling that it makes me happy to just look at you... Christine will love coming to play with you.

  2. I like the idea of you all "spotty" to match Sparky. I LOVE Dalmations too! My brother, the fireman, has one...named BLAZE. So cliche!

    I'm trying to get the word out so you get lots and lots of donations. I haven't donated yet but I will! I promise.