Monday, September 7, 2009

From What should I wear?

Ok people... is this better..
walked a very busy mall this afternoon. Was sad to see not a single store had a 'armpit fat covers' section. NOT ONE! But I found this little cardigan in the sale section at jacob. It could be a fake shrug thing non? I can wear it over too but if I do up the buttons it totally covers up the bustier... which with some of the stitching I did isn't necessarily a bad thing....

I also went to the mac counter....
From What should I wear?

I've never worn red lipstick. EVER. But I think I might be able to pull this off!!! Need red lipstick. The lashes are a little long and I need some practice with the liner but hey - I have 2 weeks.


Bought my outlet adapters.... OH didn't get a travel pillow. I've heard they are REALLY nice to have. SO I think I may go upstairs and make one... yup.... can't be that hard...

what else???? oh make another skirt today too - but I am wearing it already so no pics.... I think I already ripped a stitch in it too.... I take to big of steps....

ok ok ok
that's all


  1. Very glamorous! You will look great accepting your award! I like that necklace best!

  2. I think you look fab, dahlingk. Old what's-her-face, Janie Clarkson, just had a conniption fit when I told her you were going to New Zealand.

  3. C'est magnifique! You are going to knock em dead. Have tons of fun!