Sunday, September 6, 2009

From What should I wear?

if you click on the picture it takes you to my picasa album with all the different options.......

a) Bustier pretty much done. I have a bit of tweaking to do but good enough.... (P.S. it isn't perfect and I am kind of ok with that)

b) Skirt not done. Waiting for the Dictator to come home and help me fit it. Because the bustier squishes me in I can't fit it without putting on the bustier and because I can't dress myself I have to wait for the golf game to be over.....

c) Can't decide on t-shirt or black shrug. I like the t-shirt but it does make it more casual. BUT I KNOW there is armpit fat to deal with and I don't think the shrug will cover the armpit fat.... TOO MANY DECISIONS.. Maybe it is the color of the t-shirt???

d) jewelry. Also can't decide.... I was trying to wear all canadian. But it kind of has been thrown out the window. But the black bird and the red bird skull were both made by canadians. I like the skull but I don't think it is right for the outfit, And I really like the tattoos but again maybe to casual.... The sparkle is good too. Maybe I need more sparkle......

e) I like my blue clutch with the black shrug but I think it is too much with the red t-shirt. So if I go with a red top I need another clutch. Thank goodness H&M is close by and cheap.....

f) shoes done of course!!!!

Now I have more sewing to do for the cocktail function and some more canning to do as a friend gave me a flat of plums this week and they are sitting in the fridge waiting..... So much to do and it is already Sunday afternoon. (I had to work yesterday)

14 more sleeps!!!!!!


  1. I like the shrug more than the t-shirt. But I understand the issue with the armpit flab. Can you sneakily attach the shrug to the top of the bustier so that it covers that bit of flesh? Or you could just keep you hands on your hips all the time. heh heh.

  2. I love the blue purse with the red shoes. It all looks beautiful.