Saturday, August 2, 2008

Billy in a skirt

Can you tell I am working? Cause I am sure not blogging.

It is hard having a job and then trying to come home and do other things. I'm too old to work. heh heh. I'm managing to get caught up on a few things now that school is over until the fall. Working on my website which has only half been switched over to my new look, working on some sketches for a show that may happen in the fall.... haven't cleaned the house yet and that HAS to happen this weekend. Good thing it is a long weekend and a little rainy.

Not much else to report..... Girls are doing well. whatever was wrong with Minou isn't showing up in any tests and she appears to be getting better aside from some really really smelly farts.
- HEY -
did I mention A LONG TIME ago about the night MInou kept me up and I couldn't figure out what she wanted and the next day I heard there had been a little tiny earthquake???? Well the other day she kept me up all night again. I was getting really annoyed - had no idea what she wanted. She would sit on my back ( I was sleeping on my stomach) and growl. ALL NIGHT. Well don't you think the next morning I hear there is a rock slide outside of Squamish - a BIG one. The dictator thinks I am nuts but I think Minou sensed the rock slide just like she sensed the earthquake. She is clever....


  1. I wonder if you could stick brooches to one's face using spirit gum? Sort of like reeeaallly big bindis. Or, make really big bindis that look like brooches?

    Sorry, thinking out loud.

    Minou - that is eerie.

  2. Minou is brilliant. She should be a earthquake-ologist... or whatever those people are called.