Sunday, July 20, 2008

I think I am finally done.
I think I am done my ziggy stardust project... It isn't as thrilling as I had hoped but well _ i was so worried about the posters I forgot about any other content for the CD cover. What can you do... One more week of classes left...

Job is going well - working with some people I really like. No easing into it though - working 12 hour days already and it is hard. I am so not used to it. It has almost been a year since I have done 12 hours... Not sure how I will manage this. I've been watching the clock an awful lot.... We get fed lunch - which is great, play loud music and are pretty much left alone.
This is the movie I am on. Haven't seen anyone famous yet - and I might not because the fitting rooms are around the corner. But I'll probably hem their pants! heh heh...

Tired this weekend - is it just from work? I need to get back on my vitamins get the energy levels up. Minou isn't feeling well either - hopefully nothing serious - just an upset tummy. We went to the vet last week but haven't heard anything back from her tests yet - maybe tuesday. She's eating and acting normal - let's just say there are other 'signs' that lead to the upset stomach conclusion and I won't go into details.

Wanted to make cupcakes tonight - having a craving and am dying to use the neon food coloring steph left here - heh heh but we have no eggs. Anyone know a good egg substitute? I'm always hesitant when I look them up online and it doesn't say what they are best used for.... Last time my cupcakes were more like biscuits then cake.

Ok. I might have a nice warm bath and read my book. I'm reading blindness - holy creepy and I am only 30 pages in. I can't imagine what the movie is like.



  1. I just bought Blindness for my dad...I'll have to borrow it when he's done.

    Congrats on getting work! I live under a rock and didn't realize the world was ending in 3.5 yrs. The guy doing my tattoo mentioned it when I was there (the apocalypse not the movie), coincidently.

    p.s. I hope minou is feeling better soon. Soph used to have horrible "tummy" problems when she was small. She still takes a flagyl every morning to keep her even.

  2. I'm so glad you're employed again, but miss you on teh innernets.

    Blindness sounds incredibly creepy. I'm going to have to check it out.