Saturday, July 12, 2008

They are up... I'm such a weenie I was scared we were going to get in trouble but we were basically ignored.... One guy asked if it was a film - he was excited about the whole ziggy thing. There is 28 of them up in a ohh 10 block radius in the downtown east side - aka hasting and main - a real NICE area of town. (FULL OF SARCASM)
Now I wait for them to start to look old. If you want a fun game go find them and scribble on them or try to rip them down. We didn't do a real great job putting them up so they might be easy to take down. These people who do this are professionals let me tell you. I'll go back tomorrow night and take a second set of pictures - hopefully a few of them will have had a rough day...
I have a sneaky feeling I may have to put more up - I think I might need a poorer quality paper so they break down faster....

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  1. hey, did you hear that?

    Listen... is that a siren?

    OMG - the police are coming to arrest you!