Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Just doing homework....
Got a call about a possible job - I desperately need the money but it is someone with a not so good reputation. I just don't want to deal with psycho people anymore. They make me miserable.
The more I am unemployed the more I don't want to work with people. It is so terrible. Can we say lonely freaky hermit?
I'm in the final weeks of my classes - 2 1/2 more to go. We have a test next week and some big assignments to finish up. Sigh.....
Got news about the big movie I want to work on - it is that much closer to starting but still no dates for me. They are still waiting on the actor's strike. It sounds like I definitely have a job if they do every get going. In film talk that means nothing though. Movies disappear all the time.

I have somethign else I want to make for my etsy shop - custom COOL golf club covers. The ones in the store are so either a) boring or b) tacky. The more I'm golfing with Luc the more I need to personalize my stuff. I'm in the middle of making a pattern (how can you be in the middle you say when the patterns are so simple? Well I get easily distracted - leave me alone) The first set I want to make are going to be white and pink leather and I want to paint/silkscreen ziggy stardust on the top. Nice eh! heh heh.... Embroidery would be even better but more expensive...

I'm hoping to turn this into a golf club cover...

I also need to get some rough sketches done for this play I am working on in October but I'm not motivated to do costume sketches these days. I'm so bad.

Coronation Ceremonies Poster


  1. If you take the job with the not-good reputation, you can leave, can't you?

    Nice Napoleon poster. Who wrote your copy?

  2. Uhmmm this chicky poo in dartmouth nova scotia - you may have heard of her....

  3. Hey, did you know I also speak "lonely freaky hermit" myself? heheheh

    mmmm ziggy stardust!