Sunday, August 24, 2008

We went camping this weekend. YAY! I left out the camping stuff in the middle of the kitchen since our last trip in ohh May??? FINALLY we went. We went to the only campside that had a spot left to reserve. It was WONDERFUL and we want to go back after the long weekend.
It was 3 hours from Vancouver - Manning Park, a big provincial park.
more sleeping in the canoe
I decided to let The dictator pack the vehicle and didn't even make him a list. I didn't want him to be insulted. I was worried when we were getting in about to drive way and he said - oh I forgot something and ran inside - he came out with the TENT! He is al lucky man that he remembered. He did forget a few other things but we managed just fine. Next time I am making a list though.
Minou climbing trees
We went for a 10km hike around the lake sat and a little canoe ride on Sunday. The puppies were and still are exhausted from the hike. Birdie did laps in the tent on Friday night but on Saturday I don't think she moved once.
It wasa little chilly too - slept in a hoodie and puffy vest with three sleeping bags piled on top of us. But I was warm! (thick and immoveable but warm)
yay happy weekend.
it didn't even rain.


  1. Whoop! Forgot the tent.

    Hee hee.

    Too funny.

  2. I love the pooches in those life vests! I need one for my doxie, even though we never go boating. . .