Wednesday, November 1, 2006

I get up this morning and turn on the tv like I usually do. I was waiting for Birdie who had gone outside. I'm watching the local news when they start discussing how a film studio caught on fire last night. I'm assuming it happened in the early hours and am thinking 'oh that sucks' Then I hear people were inside at the time and think - oh I hope they were ok, I wonder what film it was. I'm sitting there trying to recognize the studio but all you can see is a big black building with huge flames coming out of the roof. Then the reporter makes a comment about how the crew was able to escape with the film and the tv cuts to OUR CAMERA CREW HUDDLED IN THE DARK HOLDING FILM CANNISTERS!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! OH NO! I immediately start calling other members of the costume department - none of whom knows what I am talking about. AHHHHHH!!!! I eventually find out all the actors were already done for the day so they were gone and safe along with all the costumes. WHEW.
However much was lost, cameras, film footage, the sets, props, lights, the ENTIRE BUILDING!!! AHHHH!!! It was still burning this afternoon. CRAZINESS.....
I bet this makes the DVD extras....
It provided lots to gossip about at work today, lots of cell phone pictures to look at....
If you ever need some excitment at work just set your office on fire!


  1. Again, I'm so glad you're ok. This makes my "argh" day seem much less significant.

  2. Glad everyone is safe... after the neighbour's garage fire almost burnt my house down in February I prefer to stay clear of all burning building fire excitment. Your blogger comment thingy is all screwy it keeps deleting my identity info and forcing me to re-enter the word verification code.
    So I'll paste it here in the comment.

  3. I'm glad everyone is okay. What happens now with the film?

    BTW, do you think Minou set the fire so you wouldn't have to go to work? I know Burdee couldn't have had that much craft to her thinking...nah, Minou's too nice.

  4. Good grief, I'm glad no one was hurt!

    Fire is scary.

    I won't be setting fire to my workplace anytime soon, I don't need the excitement (plus I work at home)