Monday, October 30, 2006

So I had to go to dressew today for work. I didn't want to. I tried to come up with other places to go. Not that it is a bad place to go or anything - just this time of year it is CRAZY busy with people getting halloween costumes. The kind of people who have never turned on a sewing machine but decided this year they can make their kids super diffficult detailed costume. BUT they can't even read the back fo the pattern to figure out how much fabric to buy.... let alone what kind of fabric and need to be walked through every step by one of the two people available to cut fabric. And all that and then they find out dressew doesn't take debit or credit so they have to leave to get money anyways. I could go on. I'll stop though.
All I needed was 2 meters of elastic. You can see why I didn't want to go.
But I went and got my elastic. As I was leaving I ran to catch the walk light at the corner. I see this woman. She is waddling and wearing ALOT of clothes. It was cool here today but not hooded parka, scarf and winter boots cold. Just puffy vest cold. She also had big sunglasses on. Now I know from living in L.A. big sunglasses mean your famous (or at least that is what I tell everyone when I am wearing my big sunglasses.) For whatever reason I decided to give this woman a second glance, she is walking arm and arm with a guy, she's very pregnant and WAIT A MINUTE. IT's TORI SPELLING!!! HA HA HAHAAAAAA.... I watched her once I went across the street to see where she was going. Her and her husband went into dressew. I am very curious as to what they were doing in there and regret not going back to find out. It would have probably been funny. I hope she wasn't trying to make a halloween costume.
Anyways. That's all. I know I see famous people at work all the time but it is fun to spot people on the street in strange places.
ON another note I went to see TIDELAND on Saturday night - the new Terry Gilliam movie. I LOVED IT. Some people might find it to disturbing and dark but it was my kind of thing. (Don't bring your kids) Jodelle Ferland (who is in the movie I am currently working on) is in it and she is amazing!!!! GO SEE IT.. unless you aren't good with disturbing things. Then better not. Or read the book first so you know what yoaure getting into. ALthough I haven't read the book at all so who am I to say if that is a good idea.
Blah blah blah. I have alot of work to do tonight perhaps I should start it.....


  1. Hee hee... so glad I don't "do" Halloween.

    Although if I could go just to people watch, that might be fun.


    Whenever I see Donna's, er Tori's, husband I think of Stan from the first season of The Tournament.