Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Mommy was talking to Uncle Nick yesterday and she got WAYYYY too excited, Now she is talking about flying to NYC next weekend. Apparently Uncle Nick is working on a film in NYC and HIS people sent a script to DAVID BOWIE's people and now they are just waiting for DAVID BOWIE's people to call back to see if he wants the part. IF DAVID BOWIE takes the part Mommy has decided she will be his personal dresser and is going to fly to NYC immediately.
Think of all the garbage she can go through this time to find crap to frame on the wall.
(For those of you who don't know Mommy took a make up sponge out of David Bowie's dressing room in NYC a few years ago. She is hoping there is DNA on it and she will one day be able to clone him. She also has drum sticks, the X of tape that says DB on it and marked where he stood on stage, 5 guitar picks, a playlist..... I think that is all.)
Needless to say she is VERY excited.
Wish her luck.