Monday, October 16, 2006

dat evul dug wus ootsid agan todae. "togo" stuped nam fer stuped dug. he trid to get me agan. hes stuopid owners do nut put hem en a leesh an he tris to get me.
I wus so scard. Mommee grabbed me an she had to get meneu cus evul togo wuld nut leev us alon. I wus shaken so bad. He kept jumpen on momee tren to get us.
Then when we wer almust hum togo wus der agan!!! And he kept jumpen en Meneu!!! She wus so scard. I wus barken an barken. Mommee wus holden me cause I wus stell scard frum beefor. Pur Meneu. She culdnt run away caus momee wus holdn her leesh. Togo kept jumpn an jumpn. Momee wus so angree. De other Momee an daddee dednt do anethen. Dey thut et wus funee. Momee sturted kecken that bad dug togo to mak hem leve us alon.
i am too scurd to go for walks now cus of dat togo.


  1. Ooh, that makes me mad! We had that happen on a walk, but it was a dog that had gotten out of a yard. I was really glad Nick was with me because he was able to hold the dogs while I grabbed the attacking dog by the back of the head and dragged it away. F*ckin' impossible to do when it's just you & your onleash dogs against an offleash one.
    We've decided to carry mace when we're walking them alone. Is it legal/available in Canada?

    Also, did you say anything to those morons, or was it one of those things where you are so overwhelmed by trying to protect your own dogs and yourself and just stunned that people can be so stupid and inconsiderate and then you're so mad you don't trust yourself to not start a fight?

  2. Burdee - I think Mommy should call the dog catcher or the SPCA from her cellphone the next time that dog and its stupid owners are in the park. And she should photograph the whole scene to show to the police.

    I hate stupid pet owners. They just don't get it.

  3. Print this out and give it to Togo:

    Bad dog! Bad dog!