Monday, October 9, 2006

It's not David Bowie. It's Donald Sutherland. Not even remotely in the same categorey. At least there won't be any spur of the moment outrageously priced flights to NYC.


  1. Though, Donald's son may come to see him... that would be cool.

  2. Snorting at the prospect of confusing the two Davids. Like confusing Dennis with Randy Quaid.

  3. Then again, I do have a huge old guy crush on Donald Sutherland. It started when I saw M*A*S*H the movie many years ago... and has continued throughout the years as he has played cantankerous old farts and witty debonair men.

  4. Minou's Mom,

    Sorry if I'm too nosy or this creeps you out, but I found something vaguely disturbing when I looked at your sitemeter stats. Most of the recent hits from your site may be related to the name given to a JPG in your archives--

    I dunno, maybe you'll think it's funny.

    If it bugs you that I was looking at your stats, you can set the privacy settings on sitemeter to Medium and prevent others from seeing them.

  5. Oh I am totally aware of the sitemeter thing. I think it is more pathetic then anything. I have bigger fish to fry then that so I am oblivious to it most of the time.
    I haven't actually looked at the sitemeter in months and was thinking of deleting it....