Saturday, October 14, 2006

Yesterday was Mommy's birthday so today she wanted to celebrate! First Mommy slept in - well slept until 8:00am. These days that is pretty late. Mommy and Daddy have been getting up between 4:00am and 5:00am all week. It was not fun.
We slept in. Then after Mommy had her shower her favourite show - PROJECT RUNWAY - was on. And it was a repeat of the episode she missed last week. YIPPEE!!! SO we all watched. We still can't decide who our favourite is. Last year Daniel was such an obvious choice. Maybe Michael? We definitely don't like Vincent or Angela.
Anyhoo after that we had to go run some errands.
While we were running errands Mommy got a green tea latte at Starbucks. She LOVES them and after hearing on CBC how good matcha green tea is Mommy has decided she can drink as many lattes as she wants. (RZ seems to like these too - whenever she buys starbucks for the crew she always orders a bunch of these)
Then we went to Barking Babies Mommy bought us argyle sweaters. Not as good as homemade but they are cashmere and will do until she has time to knit us that cool skull and crossbones one she saw. She also got presents for two other puppies. We liked it there cause we could wander all over the store without our leashes. Birdie liked to stand in the doorway and bark at everyone who walked past.
After we went there we were on our way to the Doggy Style Deli when I went into a bosley's pet store. Someone was holding the door open for me so I walked in and went straight to the counter. Since Mommy's hands were full trying to untangle Birdie she couldn't stop me. HA HA HAAAA. The ladies at the counter gave us pupperoni/jerky. I LOVE pupperoni/jerky. I know where all the petstore that give me treats are and I make Mommy go in them whenever we walk past.
Then we finally got to the deli. Mommy got us each a bowl of turkey with pumpkin and gravy. IT WAS SOOOOO GOOD. We couldn't finish! So we got people bags to take it home. The lady was even feeding me by hand. I asked if I could stay with her but she didn't pick me up and take me away. Oh well. At least we have turkey leftovers at home that we are allowed to eat.
Then Mommy stopped here. She said she needed a birthday cake - more like 6 birthday cakes - all different colors. A crazy lady was trying to pet Birdie while Mommy was inside. When Mommy came out she tried to tell her that Birdie bites - the crazy lady didn't speak english. She is lucky that she didn't lose a finger.
Now Birdie and I both are going to have turkey naps.
I like it when Mommy has a birthday. (She is a million years old now in case you are wondering)


  1. Sounds like Mommy had a great birthday. We celebrated Mommy's birthday in her abscence with Auntie Becca - whose birthday was on Monday. We had pumpkin spice cake with cream cheese icing. I don't think Mommy would like it, but she wasn't here for her party, so we decided to do whatever we wanted to!

    Please give Mommy lots of birthday kisses from me.

    (Min-min - I saw a really neat leash today. It said, "One of us is a really good kisser" on it. It was funny. There was another one, but it was rude, so I won't type it here.)

  2. Tell your Mommy we send best wishes for joy and happiness from the East Coast. Holly says woof, woof and is jealous of all the interesting places for dogs out there on the West Coast.

  3. Hello and nice to meet ya!
    My name is Fei and I have a dog blog too. I own my humans, Eve and Caz.
    Happy birthday to your mummy!
    And can I say that the sweaters you knitted last year ( in the pics I saw - september month) are really good. Soon, I will be moving from the tropics to Japan where it snows and is cold. I want to know where I can get cool sweaters (if not, home knitted) like you do?

    Love the links and buttons on your blog!

    Fei & E