Saturday, November 11, 2006

Mommy has cold. You know what that means???? One of my favourite things!!!
I can't believe it! It has been sooo long!!!!! I hope I don't have to share them with Birdie. She still needs to go buy some kleenexes though. Right now she is walking around snorting alot (she is a lady!)
Mommy left work early last night because she wasn't feeling well. On her way home the designer called her and said "you left to early - Renee just gave everyone ipods!"
OH MY GOSH! Mommy was speechless!!!! Mommy already has one but just the idea of someone she has barely met and will probably never speak to again buying her an ipod. They are some not yet released thing. Mommy isn't supposed to be at the office again until Tuesday but who can wait that long!!!!!
Last week Renee took a bunch of people out for supper (not mommy she wasn't at the photoshoot) and she literally told them to order everything on the menu. If they wanted a little shrimp and a little lobster get both. It was a very expensive restaurant too..... She seems to be a really sweet person. I wish I could have met her. I bet she LOVES dogs.. LOVES THEM. and gives them huge greenies when she sees them. Stupid mommy not taking me to work more.
I think I need to go get mommy a piece of toilet paper or something I can see it coming out of her nose.....

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  1. Our mommy has had a cold for two weeks now! So many snotty kleenexes! And such a bounteous fountain her upper respiratory tract has proven. So many colors, so many textures, so MUCH! She has been too weak (lazy) to empty the small bins we can reach, too! We think she is getting better now though...too bad...