Monday, November 6, 2006

Not much new around here. It has been raining for days - I think we will float away.

Mommy tried to take us for a walk yesterday and we got caught in a downpour an hour from home. I looked as SAD as I could - put on my best puppy dog eyes. Finally she picked me up and put me in her rain coat. I was all snuggly warm and slept in there. Auntie Penny was carrying Birdie and Birdie wouldn't go in her raincoat (she can't see Mommy inside a raincoat) so she was soaking wet byt the time we got home. She did manage to sneak a few licks of Auntie Penny's Caramel Mocha soy latte thingy. Mommy was drinking some disgusting green tea - I had a sniff and was totally uninterested.
We've gotten our sweaters in the mail but Mommy hasn't taken any good pictures.
We carved pumpkins last week too but again no good pictures and now they are outside rotting full of water.
Grandma got a new puppy this weekend - his name is sparky. She sent us a few pictures that are on flickr.... He looks the same size as us now but I have a feeling by the time we meet him at Christmas he will be BIG.
HEY - GRANDMA if you are reading this I want a dog house for Christmas!!!! Ask Grandpa Mel to make us a little dog house!!!! Something cute. With french windows and a skylight. It better not be leaky though. Heated tile flooring would be nice as well.
That's all for now.....


  1. There's a lot of speculation of a vast plot in the Seattle-Victoria-Vancouver triangle to discourage people from moving to the area by claiming it rains constantly. So, Minou, is it really raining, or are you part of the conspiracy?

  2. Sparky's cute, but not as cute as you! Plus, while he/she may be bigger than you, I don't think that's a super big dog. I still love you the best!