Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Mommy and daddy are going to see another puppy this weekend. I'm a little confused though because the picture shows a person and not a puppy. They bought tickets just to SEE the puppy - he must be a purebred for sure. I really really hope they don't bring another puppy home. Too many puppies here already.
The name the breeders gave him is snoop - but I bet Mommy and Daddy change it when they bring him home just like they did Birdie's (she was called Maxine before YUCK)


  1. Oh I guess he must be out of jail!!

    Maxine!!! Oh my, what an awful name for a cute little thing like Birdee....

  2. I am so jealous! Love some snoop!

    Come to LA soon, we will go stalk his house in Sherman Oaks ;)

    Happy 2007!!!

  3. thats a funny looking puppy...my auntie meghan is working at his pet show....she is worried she will get goofy while she is there...i hope your mom has fun at the pet show

  4. I agree, that snoop-puppy is definitely not as cute as you and Birdie.