Wednesday, August 16, 2006

mommy is too busy to help me blog.
I've even been tagged by another puppyand she still won't help me.
All is pretty dull around the house - mommy is the only one with anything exciting to report.
First she is in L.A. then today she was in Seattle. She leaves for work early in the morning and comes home 1 hour before bedtime. Yesterday she at least brought home some cookies and fake greenies. We have been out of homemade cookies and greenies for a few days and have been trying to survive on crappy milkbones. I swear I have lost weight - Birdie too.
Everyday Mommy comes home with bags from all kinds of stores but nothing for me - Nordstroms, bloomingdales, macy's, holt renfrew, saks 5th ave, target......
Mommy did buy a new puppy cookbook the other day. But she doesn't make any recipes from it and i can't reach the counter unless someone puts a chair beside the sink.
Mommy says she will play with us this weekend. She isn't going to work and she isn't going away. I hope this is true. Birdie and I need attention. We are actually starting to play with each other as we have nothing else to do. How horrible....
During all this busy 'work' Mommy has managed to come home with new shoes. Hmmm

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