Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Emily and Minou (and Sarah, Cosmos and Kaitlyn)
Mommy hasn't been bringing her computer home from work - and she has been working really late.
So no blogging for me.
We went away this weekend - we all went on the plane - me, mommy, dictator and Birdie. We saw our grandpa and Auntie Jenn and LOTS OF COUSINS!!! The picture is Mommy's cousin Emily and me.
We also saw Uncle Yogi. He was ok. And we saw cousins Julien and Madelaine. They were annoying. They drooled on Mommy lots - so much she had to change her clothes. ANother cousin was also there - Cosmos. He liked Birdie AND uncle Yogi - as in more then friends like.. heh heh...
Mommy is leaving on a plane again this weekend. She was putting stuff in her suitcase tonight - and the other one isn't even empty yet. She is flying to L.A. to have a fitting with R.Z. She says she is nervous. Well maybe I should go instead. I won't be nervous...
Mommy wants her computer back. Ugh. I'll go attack Birdie. She deserves it.

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  1. Minou - please give Mommy lots of slurpy kisses before she goes to LA. I'm sure it will help calm her nerves... and she'll smell like your slobber while she's on the airplane. Heh heh.

    Mommy - good luck with R.Z.