Sunday, December 6, 2009

From Xmas 2009

we got the tree today - in record time! It was FREEZING! It wasn't Super cold but there was a crazy ass wind. My eyes were watering and Minou was hating it something awful. Even Birdie didn't like it. We picked the tree as quick as we could, chopped it in record time - not watching and letting it land on Birdie. (She's fine.) And got out of there and to the nearest starbucks for hot chocolate.
It's home now and we have it decorated. It really wasn't a very good tree, dead and bald bits around the bottom and it is totally lopsided but hey - it fits in with our little family.
It is cold in the house too. Drinking tea wishing I had wood for the fireplace. Unfortunately my unemployment was short lived. I am back to work tomorrow - only a few days but this is seriously cutting into my gift sewing time!

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  1. Lesson learned from reading this post: Watch the Mogrunt around falling Christmas trees.