Friday, December 25, 2009

From Christmas 2009

even though we are alone (moi, the dictator and two puppies) this Xmas it has been a pretty good day. We were up at the crack of dawn. Santa had been here so I had to get up of course!!!!
There was a wii fit under the tree for me. Who knew it was so much fun? We spent the next 5 hours playing it until we were both to tired and hungry to do anything but have a nap. I'm sure any good it did do today has been balanced out with the jujubes, potato chips and chocolate I have eaten in the meantime.
It was a beautiful sunny afternoon so we took the pups for a walk. Minou wore her new collar and Xmas sweater (made froma kids joe fresh sweater) super cute. I wore my new coat. Leopard print - YUMMY!
Now I could go to bed.... but I guess I shouldn't just yet - it is only 7 pm.......
Merry Xmas everyone - hope you all had an amazing day full of love....

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  1. We did! We had a day full of love - and we've got so much we're sending some to you!