Thursday, June 8, 2006

I finally got to sleep a bit today. I got up early with Mommy and we walked down to the beach. Then she brought me home and I got to stay here and sleep while she went to work. At lunch she picked me up and I got to go to set with her. I tried to meet Kim again but she kept stopping me. Her make up lady was totally in love with me again today. Even was picking me up and giving me kisses - but no Kim. Kim came out of her trailer while I was standing in front so I wagged my tail best I could and looked as sweet as possible. But alas. I am too tiny she didn't look down enough to see me standing there.
No Kim for Minou.
However something MUCH BETTER happened.
Today was the last day of shooting for the movie so Mommy and Nancy had a party to go to. They came home ate some food and left again. Notice I didn't say - came home, ate some food, cleaned up some food, pushed the chairs under the table and left again... heh heh
I had shaved turkey, aged gouda cheese, avocado, apple, crackers. It was FABULOUS! I have never been so lucky. I hope Mommy and Nancy go to another party tomorrow. It was tricky - everything was in little plastic packages so I had to open them very carefully. The cheese and turkey were wrapped in another layer - wax paper. There should be less packaging for puppies. I figured Mommy would be impressed. She left my bag of treats on the table and I didn't touch them. I only ate "supper" I accidentally dropped the gouda on the floor though.
When they got home they threw out everything I didn't finish. WHY? I could have finished it tomorrow if they didn't want it. Stupid Mommy.
I think we are going to the beach early tomorrow again so I better go to sleep.


  1. Minou - It was so nice of Mommy to leave such a nice dinner out for you!

  2. Oh Minou - I am SO jealous! Your supper sounds wonderful. Maybe I can come over for supper next time your Mom sets the table for two!
    Big wags,
    An American Eskimo puppy from Alaska

  3. How nice of Mommy to provide you with a doggie buffet, and what a good girl, remembering snacks are for after supper.
    Holly has been helping me with the gardening... however her idea of the final garden design and mine are a bit at odds, she feels there should be more holes, chewed plastic pots strewn around, plant tug of war, tools hidden, garden gloves buried, muddy paws prints on clothes, barking in the gardener's ear, plenty of face licking, leaping about and general silliness.

  4. hehehehe Minou you must tell Birdie how you got to eat special food while all she had was crunch crunch!!

    I am glad you are a star there... Kim probably was scared you would upstage her, so she ignored you because you're so cute. so there.