Sunday, June 18, 2006

happy after sniffing dead beach things
we went to the beach! we went to the beach!
1st Mommy sewed Birdie a rain jacket cause she doesn't have one and mommy thought 'FOR SURE it will rain today if she doesn't'.
Then we went to the beach and it was a gorgeous hot sunny day all day because Mommy carried our rainjackets in her purse all afternoon.
Birdie barked at all the other dogs even if they were three times as big as us. She is sooo going to get us beat up one day. I tried to walk far ahead of her and Mommy in case it happened today. Then the other big dogs Might not think I was with her - EXCEPT stupid mommy dresses us in matching t-shirts which REALLY isn't working for me. Do we have to match EVERYTIME we go out. How pathetic.
Birdie is so insane she even went swimming today. SHE DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO SWIM! There was a big golden retriever chasing sticks in the water. Birdie decided to chase him into the water without realizing it was water. YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN THE LOOK ON HER FACE. Mommy was laughing so hard. She sort of stood/floated there stunned for a few seconds. Then hopped up on a rock. But the waves were still hitting her and she was surrounded by water so she had to jump back in the water and swim to the shore. I wasn't going to help her - NO WAY. I stayed FAR AWAY from the water. Mommy was going to help her but Birdie was too far away and because Mommy was laughing so hard she wasn't walking very fast.
Birdie was soaked for the rest of the afternoon. HA HA
When we left the beach Mommy took us to the three dog bakery for ICE CREAM! Yippee. We ate it in the car on our way to AUNTIE THYRZA'S!!!!!!! MORE YIPPEE!!! WHere she fed us OODLES and OODLES of treats. I didn't see the evil kitty though. Then we came home and I had a long nap.
Today was fun - unemployed Mommy is MUCH better then employed Mommy.
P.S. Daddy and Grandpa golfed ALL day today - and watched golf ALL DAY yesterday and Played golf on Friday.


  1. The video of you two racing around the yard is hysterical.

    Sophie feels the same way about water as Birdie does, despite being a golden retriever with webbed feet. Every one in a while, she gets brave and swims for 10 sec, then freaks out and tries to climb the nearest person. I think she needs water wings.

  2. Love the video, I'd be embarrassed to say how many times I replayed it... Holly has not been to the beach yet, however she had her first dip in a pool. She has not quite got the concept yet, though seem happy to watch the balls float in the water.