Thursday, June 22, 2006

minou at the beach
Picture of me at the beach yesterday!
The bloated whale was back in her gigantic bathtub this morning. All white and pasty grinning from ear to ear. My Mommy is a weirdo. So happy to be in that cold water with an outfit on that is less then appropriate for the size of her rear end. It didn't last too long thank goodness.
Mommy then helped the upstairs lady work on the cover for the gigantic pool. Birdie and I liked racing all over it even though Mommy kept telling us to STAY OFF. Heh heh - I don't understand what she could have possibly been trying to say.
After a bit more Daddy called and told Mommy she had to go for a bike ride. We hadn't gone for a bike ride since last summer. The bike was all dusty and full of spider webs. Mommy leaned it up against the wall while she cleaned it up and bit and jumped in the basket! I was so excited to go for a bike ride and leave birdie at home.
BUT NO. Next thing I know Birdie is in the basket too and off we went - WITH a flat tire. Birdie freaked out a little bit but I like going for rides so it was ok. I didn't try to jump out once. We went to get Daddy's car at the garage where the mechanic offered to give Birdie and I a lube job - yah not funny mr. mechanic man.
tomorrow mommy got a day call and is working a night shoot with some fancy movie. That is sad - we were supposed to hang out by the gigantic bathtub all day with Auntie Penny. And Saturday Mommy and Daddy are getting their eyes checked in the middle of the afternoon so no good pool time then either. And Sunday Mommy will be DEAD.
If anyone wants to laugh the bloated whale will be running the scotiabank half marathon Sunday morning at 7:00am. I hope I get to go along and ridicule her. She leaves UBC at 7:00 and arrives at stanley park second beach - we are predicting approx 2 1/2 hours later. Just make a sign that reads - 'run bloated whale run!' heh heh She'll love it.


  1. You say such mean things about your pretty mommy! Please wish her luck for me, I hope she does not die.

  2. hardly a bloated whale...
    you two little mouses are giving mommy a hard time are you??

  3. Wow, have a great time at the half marathon! I wish I could come cheer you on!

  4. Kick some ass, BLOATED WHALE. Chug that blubber over the finish line!

    (how's that?)

  5. minou on the beach, minou on the beach, minou and meeeeee....