Sunday, June 25, 2006

She is still alive!!!! Barely..... Mommy is moaning and groaning and going VERY slowly up and down stairs but she is still alive.
She has blisters on one foot but now armpit chaffing. She is covered in her own salt too (which tastes great I must say. Mommy is a walking salt lick) Her running clothes - now hours later are still soaking wet with sweat on the bathroom floor.
She managaed to do it under her 2:30:00 time - barely. Her gun time was 2:29:03, we are still waiting to see what her chip time was. She had wanted to run it in 20 minute intervals with one minute of walking in between but around the 15 km point it all started to fall apart. It was hot, there was no shade, she had no one to run with and she was tired. But her friend Petra showed up to help her finish the last few miles and gave her a hat to wear. She had to walk up any hill she found cause she was just to tired at the end (this includes the burrard street bridge) but was able to run the last mile in. So now the bloated whale says she has to do another one where she actually sticks to her 20 minute and 1 minute goal. I don't think she will be doing it anytime soon.
Everyone got medals at the end. I am surprised she isn't wearing hers around the house like she is someone important. Her and Daddy have been sleeping most of the day away - Mommy I can understand why - Daddy has no excuse. Mommy even fell asleep by the pool and burnt the tops of her legs - heh heh she is gonna hurt tomorrow with the stiffness and redness. heh heh. Birdie and I stayed inside it was just too hot today.
One of the upstairs ladies is outside by the pool eating grapes. I think I will go and look cute - and really skinny and underfed so she will give me some grapes.


  1. Congratulations! I think that's an awesome time, and it rocks that you ran the last mile. Have lots of water, bananas (potassium help with the muscle fatigue) and a beer. (Makes for great farts. ;))

  2. Mommy does not need any help with the farts - trust me! Just ask Daddy and Birdie they were already suffering today.

  3. I'm so proud of your mommy. It was soooo hot today too (well, more than I can handle), I can't imagine trying to run in this heat. Tell your mommy I'll take her for gelato this week if she will come pick me up. :)

  4. Yay for Mommy! Congratulations.
    Minou tell Mommy she should ask your Vet about Raisins/Grapes. Our Vet has warnings of foods that are severely toxic for pets and Raisins/Grapes are on the list. She can read a bit about it here.
    and here
    Just say no to grapes and raisins...

  5. Congrats -- survivors of long runs always deserves much appreciation and attention!

  6. Mommy says Paula is right, grapes and raisins are bad for our kidneys (she thinks:).

    I just found out I like strawberries. I have decided that everything else is yucky except for spinach, cheese, and strawberries. And dog food if I'm really hungry.

    That's amazing your mommy ran a half marathon! My mom can't run very far and gets stitches - thank god, or else she would make me run too. I like my junk in the trunk just the way it is thankyouverymuch - the boy dogs dig it.