Wednesday, June 14, 2006

momee use beg scaree grrrrrrr macheen. Et suck up burdee toys. Burdee nut hapee. Burdee get pine con and make into smal peecees on carpet. Burdee pull whiit fuzzee from toy an put on carpet. Burdee chu stik ento smal peecees on carpet. Burdee mak beter. Burdee put hedgehog en waterbowl and sqish on carpet.
granpa com tomorow. Mabee he bring mor pinecone and stiks.


  1. Burdee, that sucks. We have a grrr machine here too - it eats all my hair that I work so hard to spread all over the house. I'm not allowed to chew sticks/mulch/pine cones in the house, Daddy tells me "No! Leave it!" when I try to bring them home. Jerk. And they wonder why I chew their slippers.

  2. Holly says; My Mommy takes all the fun out of playing too... whenever I get the stuffing out of my toys she hauls out the sucky machine and THEN she THROWS my toy AWAY!!!! I got her back though as she put some debris from the mess she is making (edited by Mommy to add: Excuse me Miss! I'll have you know it is a reno project!) - anyway whatever - as I was saying there were rolls of carpet and foam underlay left within my reach so I dragged two BIG rolls out to the back yard. I had so much fun. Mommy didn't discover my creative work until after I tore all the underlay in tiny bits, I even had duct tape stuck to my fur, there was carpet everywhere it was great. It took her an hour to clean up 'cus I helped. I find the grab and run, gives Mommy a good workout. There are no pictures of my artwork as Mommy was annoyed. She has been tearing up more carpet this week. I've been watching to see if I can stage another coup. Dogs know how to have fun!

  3. OOH BURDEE!!! The white fuzzy stuff is ANIMAL GUTZ!!! I love the makes daddy so mad -- stoopid Jethro just wants the squeeky thing. Mommy will bring home more.