Thursday, June 15, 2006

do you think mommy has been knitting. Such a pretty summer sweater. Where did she get the pattern? When does she have the time? How come she didn't blog about her progress?
HAHAHAHAHAAA!! She hasn't been knitting - it was one of kim's sweaters - she got it at the costume sale when the movie was over. It is nice isn't it. Eileen Fisher or something is the label. It is so nice. It is inside out on purpose - all the seams on the outside. Maybe one day we will copy it. Make a Minou version!
and check out our ceilin!!! WITH LIGHTS!! THAT WORK! Mommy is soo happy to have the power back on!
our new 'curtains'
and look new curtains - although I have reason to believe it is sideways.
the new utensil racks
and look! Utensil racks in the kitchen! YAY!!!!
If only mommy would do something with my tent. It should at least be cleaned. I wouldn't mind a new carpet in it too - Dark brown was sooo last year. Hot pink would be more exciting.


  1. Minou your mommy is a rockstar... look at that ceiling and those gorgeous curtains!!

    Pink would look lovely in your tent. Maybe a skylight, too?

  2. Very cool renovations.

    Nice sweater, you could have told me you knitted it and I would have believed you.