Wednesday, September 14, 2005

help me

Does anyone know how I can take the bus from my house to Christine's house?
I want to live with Christine. She plays with me and takes me places. She was even in a photoshoot with me. We are going to be famous in Europe!
Mommy ignores me, Daddy is never home. I don't like it here anymore. I am lonely.
So yah.
New fundraising idea. I need bus fare to move to Christine's house. And more bus fare for Baboon. And I need help packing my treats cause I can't get in the closet.
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  1. Hello my friend from Vanc Isl! Just found your blog - was told of it by Crazy Aunt Purl. She gets around doesnt she ?? And I thought I was the only dog who blogged. But as I have said, you never know what your dog gets up to when youre not looking.

    As for taking the bus... First thing you need to do is get a funky harness used by our seeing eye dog brethern. Then go find a nice human and put said harness in their hand as theyre about to get on the bus. This helps in two ways. #1, humans are RUDE and dont let us ride busses by ourselves and #2 you dont have to pay to get on! Oh for opposable thumbs! Id come and pick you up and drive you where you needed to go. I personally think its rude of humans to design cars we cant operate.

    My blog will bore you silly if youre not into politics Chinese philosophy and poetry. If you go and die of boredom you have been warned!

    This message repeats in Dog, hope you can understand the Malamute dialect...

    HowlooooooooooOOOOOOO wooooof wooof. Howl woof squeek yip howl. Woof woof bus woof blind wooooooof.....

    Happy snarfing to you, may your paws always touch the gentle earth, your food dish full, and your fleas die a thousand million deaths before they can bite you

    Chomper the Furry