Monday, September 19, 2005

My perfume

Okay so I am feeling a bit better this evening. I slept all day and Mommy came home early. She even took me for a little walk where I ate lots of horse poop.
Christine brought us a a sample of this perfume I think it stinks but Mommy and Daddy tell me it makes me smell pretty. BUT on our walk i found a good old dead smelly thing in the grass so I rolled and rolled and rolled in it! Finally I smell better - as mommy says like "dead smelly poo!" the best smell EVER! I am a bit worried that I may end up having a bath though. Maybe I should play sick and then mommy will feel sorry for me and not give me a bath.


  1. Glad youre feeling better =)

    As for rolling in things, try dead salmon a few weeks after Spawn. My packmate Shadow did that. 4 times on one walk. Its pretty oily so it sticks to your fur like velcro. Yet at the same time transfers wonderfully to all the other dogs in the car, not to mention the car itself. Was a good giggle watching human flail around trying to wash Shadow in the river. Then all of us at home. By the time we were clean there was no hot water left and human smelled like we wanted to. Im of the opinon the cold water shower helped human "chill out" but human doesnt agree. I just dont get why humans dont like to roll. Now he keeps a better eye on us when were off in the bush walking. We werent alowed anywhere near the nice lump of bear poop this morning for instance. And after the salmon episode we dont get to walk by rivers in the fall. Humans can be such meanies cant they ???

  2. Hi Minou! I just found your Blog the other day, and begged Mommy to make me one too! Hopefully we can be Blog-buddies. I think that you are the cutest Chihuahua I have ever seen...but don't tell anyone because my grandma and grandpa have two of them! ;)
    I'm very happy that you're feeling better. My "brother" does the sneezing thing too. Don't be scared! It'll be okay!
    Bye-bye Minou!!!