Thursday, September 29, 2005


Okay i realize the toilet paper is an easy thing to get - it is on the roll just waiting to be eaten. BUT LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT SNOTTY KLEENEX! It is like paper only with a squishy inside. A squishy tasty inside. YUMMYYYYY... I do suggest it. And they are really a treat as they are kind of like candy canes - only available cetain times of the year. So when they are there you got to have as many as you can. Steal them out of garbages, off of night tables, from pockets. they will be everywhere.
I am loving my snotty kleenexes.
Mommy bought some new kleenex - it isn't good. It has menthol in it - I don't like it - it is like that gooey stuff she puts on her neck and chest. Eeeewwwww... I hope she goes back to regular kleenex soon.
Mommy has to go to work for a little bit today so I went with her to make sure she would be okay. She let me run around for a little bit so I immediately tried to find the mayor's office set and the craft services. She caught me before I did. And then all the crazy ladies grabbed me and wouldn't let me go until we left. Sigh.


  1. Minou, I must try this squishy yummy stuff you call Kleenex. The Mommy has allergies and sneezes a lot, so I know there are Kleenexes somewhere. I wonder where she hides them?

    Love, Abbey

  2. Minou, now that my Mommy isn't sick anymore, our squishy Kleenex collection is really low. Would you mind sharing some of your mommy's with me? Here's my address...thanks!

    In the Woods
    Down the Long Driveway, Ohio