Wednesday, September 7, 2005

paws for cause part II

countdown to paws for cause.
It is Sunday.
So - anyone who was thinking of donating it isn't too late. We met our goal but I thought I would ask one more time. It never hurts to ask. Our only fundraiser EVER. AND remember that little mini stash we have - for every $5 you donate we will enter your name in a hat.
See the sidebar there----> for directions on how to donate.

And if you don't care for the SPCA donate to one of the many groups helping the animals in New Orleans. Or donate to both! ha ha ha haa I know everyone is just made of money....
well except my mommy and that is probably why her credit card doesn't work half the time.
I am playing a game with mommy tonight. Everytime she looks at the computer i go to the door and scratch on it so she lets me out. And then when she finally gets up I run away - ha ha ha haaaaa. Only she is starting to ignore me. Grrrrr...

win yarn.

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  1. Hi Minou. And Monou's mom! Just wanted to say hi and say wow Julien the dog sure looks big and funny. The life jackets are tooooo cute! I hope you win the paws for a cause race... is there a winner? Are you going to get lots of pictures made?

    I am thinking I might want to become a Canadian. Do they let crazy cat ladies into Canada?