Sunday, September 11, 2005

more pictures.. sorry if you have dial up

the paws for a cause is over.. We had fun. Unfortunately Sparky and I would not stay still or sit together for a photo but our Mom's took a few. Many professional looking photographer people took my picture - I think I am going to be even mmore famous. But they never asked for my name? Why not?
Sparky got jealous cause I got so much attention.
We didn't win anything cause they suck. We tried to enter an owner/dog look alike contest but they said we were the wrong species (we told them sparky was the owner. Maybe it would have worked if I had been the owner.)
Oh well...
Now mommy and I are ready for a nap.
But we will do the draw winner first!

This puppy looked like Julien. I didn't go say hi.

I got this little puppy for particaipating in the look alike contest - it is pretty cool.

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