Sunday, September 17, 2006

Minou having her first taste
Mommy went to the spa today and came home with carrot cake! YIPPEE!! She should go to the spa more often. She set the table for us and gave us our cake on plates but we thought that was dumb. So I pulled my cake off the plate and put it on the floor. Then I jumped on the table and took Birdie's cake too. I licked all the icing off of both our cakes. YUMMY!
We didn't go for a walk today because it rained all day. I am not pooing as a result. I may not be able to poo until summer comes round again.
Daddy was all proud of Birdie because she laid some fabulously huge log in the grass - yah but she peed on the bathmat Mommy had just washed, and we both got yelled at cause Mommy didn't see her do it. Stupid dog.

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  1. Sophie is just glad summer is over - too hot for a big hairy goofball. I think she wishes it was winter all year 'round. With blizzards.