Saturday, September 16, 2006

Mommy is home - she is watching some haunted house ghost story on tv. She is freaked out and keeps getting goose bumps. But does she turn it off. NOOOOO... It's Saturday and I want to go out for our usual morning walk - I have my new Gap sweater on and everything. But she isn't going anywhere. She has her bags packed to go to work - BUT IT IS SATURDAY!
Birdie pooped on the carpet (like usual) and TOTALLY got yelled at. HEH HEH. Stupid dog. She is this close to going to the glue factory. HA HA HAAAA!! I'll keep telling her Mommy likes it when she poops on the carpet. And the yelling and spanking is Mommy saying she loves her in that special way.
Oh the scary tv show is back on. heh heh...


  1. what kind of monsters are in that movie, Minou?? Are they zombies??? Watch out for zombies!!

  2. I have an unreasonable phobia about ghosts. I don't know why. The whole though of them makes me want to puke.