Saturday, September 23, 2006

we wen fur walk toodae. en wae hum ther wus a beeg dug. well ther wus alot of beeg dugs but ther wus on reelle beeg dug en he chaasd me. I wus so skirrd. I startd skreemin en runnin. but ther beeg dug he ceept runnin aftur me. i runnin fasstr, he runnin fastr. I thught that beeg dug wus gonna eet me.i wus skreemin and skreemin. Then I cudn't find momee. I wus skreemin mur an that beeg dug he wus steel chaasin me. No Momee. No Meneu. I skreem an skreem. I haad to ceep runnin. I run all de wae hum!!!!! Et wus far. That beeg dug he ran all de wae hum too. I sah daddee's kar so I skreem reel lod. But Daddee noi cum hep me get en fense. I cept skreemin. The naybors no hep me evin wen I skreem. Finallee aaftr manee ours momee and meneu caam. Momee sad NO to that beeg dug an mad him go awae. i was stil so skirrd. she open de fense. No mur beeg dug. I nivir want to go fer a walk agan. eet was too skirry.


  1. Geez Louise - I wondered why Mommy said that her "walk in the park" was more of a run.

    Thank goodness Birdie knows her way home!

    I'm glad you're safe, Birdie. That big dog shouldn't get any treats at all! (Especially no chihuahua sized treats.)

  2. Holy cow! How scary for your mommy!

    I'm still waiting to hear what happened to your face way back when.