Thursday, September 21, 2006

Mommy has to be on a night shoot tomorrow. So she has to stay up late tonight. She said she would take me and Birdie to set tonight to visit and see a scary monster in the movie.
As long as it doesn't rain.
Anyone who watches moronic ET CANADA may have heard a little bit of gossip about RZ saying she had a fight with the director and stormed off set and had to be coaxed back onto set. WELL. Mommy was there - there was no fight. She didn't storm off the set. No one had to beg her to come back. They are idiots. Mommy still says she is super duper nice and a real professional. She was on set with her all night last night in the rain and cold. Mommy thinks the press is pretty horrible to lie about stupid things like that. I do too.
Unless it is about Birdie. Then everything you hear about how horrible she is - is TRUE!


  1. Minou - perhaps you should be a roving reporter for "E-talk Daily". You could set straight all the rumours started by that silly American-based "ET Canada".

    I think any actress who hangs out in the rain and cold deserves an award. Perhaps you could create the Minou award for "Most Professional Actor/Actress". I think RZ would really appreciate that.

  2. Wow! How exciting you got to go on the set and everything! I wish my mama did something that exciting, then I could be a cool dog too.

    Mama says almost everything you hear on those "gossip shows" is most likely a lie anyways. BTW, I tagged you! Please go to my blog to find out what you gotta do.