Friday, September 22, 2006

Mommy sucks. She puts sweaters on us - and our harnesses at midnight drives for 10 minutes to set. Makes us walk around outside in the cold FOR NOTHING!!!!!!!!
THEY WERE ON LUNCH BREAK - AT 12:15AM!!!!! think about that - lunch at 12:15AM not PM!!!!!! At first I thought this was brilliant. I could go meet RZ and she could feed me her fancy catered lunch. YAY. Sit on her lap in her trailer...
BUT NOOOOO Mommy wouldn't let us near the catering truck. We had to wait in the otherside of the fence and weren't allowed in the lunchroom. GRRRR.. The 2nd AD came to visit and I let her pet me HOPING she would take me to RZ. But no. Mommy said she didn't want to wait for lunch to be over so we walked around the block on our way back to the truck. Birdie and I devised a plan. We would sniff EVERYTHING, pee and poop as much as we could just so it would take a really really long time and lunch would be over. Birdie even agreed to walk slower (she is always falling behind on walks) BUT IT STILL DIDN"T WORK. We got to see the costume truck and we got to see the set but no scary monster and no RZ.
But on a happier note I was tagged. I real puppy tag, not a stupid one like your favourtie books which I have to have mommy do for me.
Here goes......
A good doggy friend is not named Birdie.
A good doggy friend will not sniff me in the butt.
A good doggy friend will not touch my baboon.
A good doggy friend will give me their treat and mine.
A good doggy friend will not be bigger then me.
heh heh.. those are the rules...
If Grandma is the 'Planner'
If Daddy is the 'Dictator'
I will be the 'ENFORCER'
yah I like it.

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  1. Ah oh.....we can't be friends?? I am very good to little guys you know?? Mum takes me and Gina out for walks together all the time! Gina is still recovering from her broken leg by the way.... but she's SOOO fast on three legs you know? I don't understand how you little guys can run so fast, even on three legs....

    ps. is your mommy an actress?

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade