Wednesday, December 6, 2006

mommy is working too much. She goes to work sometimes early with daddy and comes home long after daddy is asleep.
She always take us with her. If is boring - we sleep in the laundry baskets full of fabric and bark at everything we hear.
Sometimes we get to walk to starbucks but we never get to go inside. I don't like starbucks but birdie does and she always tries to lick the cup lids. Whenever she licks auntie Heather'scup lid Auntie Heather gets totally grossed out.
Only one more week says mommy - the first audience is tuesday and it opens on thursday.....
I hope mommy doesn't die first.
Yes AUntie Steph it is Emily of new moon....

1 comment:

  1. But, but, but...
    I can't be there for the play!

    Emily of New Moon is the only LMM book I ever read!!!!!

    And I loved it!