Thursday, December 14, 2006

It opens tonight..
Mommy has not been home at all. We miss her. This week we couldn't even go with her because she had to go to the theatre for rehearsals. Birdie doesn't sit still during shows and I bark when people fight onstage. ( At Dalhousie Univeristy I went to a rehearsal with Mommy and two actors were 'fighting' onstage. I barked and ran onstage to stop them)
This is the link for the show
there is a little video you can watch. It looks kinda sad in video form like that. But I know Grandma will like it anyways. That night the costumes weren't finished either....
Next week we get to have fun. Shopping, the bodyworld's exhibit, christmas decorating, more shopping and SLEEPING IN WITH MOMMY!!!!!!!!! YAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!

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