Thursday, December 28, 2006

Birdie sang during our drive to Calgary. She loves this song so much she woke up to sing. Halfway through the song she went in the backseat and sang the rest with Auntie Penny. Mommy is a lousy DOP so we edited that part out. (That and Daddy said it was already really boring which I agree)
Calgary was stressful - my cousin madelaine kept attacking me. She would get time outs afterwards but it didn't matter she kept trying to kil me. I have scratches on my face because of her. She attacked Birdie once too. And she kept taking everyone else's Christmas presents. Mommy would always break us up and save me.
I got lots of presents..... Including a PINEAPPLE HOUSE!
Their new pineapple house
it is great.... apparently I am supposed to share with Birdie. That is lame.
we got these
new t-shirts from santa. Birdie has a matching one...
We got a bunch of toys too but Mommy doesn't have any pictures of them.
Birdie played with Sparky a bunch.
birdie and sparky
I might have but I was way to scared of Ling Ling....
Ok. Mommy says we have to get up now and get dressed and stuff.... YAHHH HOLIDAYS!!! Even Daddy is home.


  1. I like that song too Birdie. I like to sing along with it when it's on in the car. You sing good.

  2. That is so cute! I wish our kids were smalll enough to sit in our laps while we drive like that. Awww, and the little tail thumping when she hears you laugh, aaaawwwww...

  3. Our mommy really likes that song too. It reminds her of her youth. We're glad you all had a good Christmas. Happy New Year, too!

  4. She sings even better than I ever imagined. I knew she had star potential.

    Pappy's Fella

  5. I love your pineapple house!

  6. birdie sings awesomely! hahaha that video is so cute. tell your mommy i wouldn't mind watching the part where birdie sings in the backseat either. i have yet to find a song that really makes me wanna yowl along to :)