Thursday, December 30, 2004

new sweater

mommy made me a new sweater today.... I like it - it is a little tight but she says it will loosen up. It is nice an cozy. I will wear it all day.


  1. hmm, that's a very nice sweater, if it doesn't loosen up send it to me...I'm sure it would fit. I don't mind sucking in my tummy a little....


  2. Minou - Today I showed some photos of you in your clothing line to some ladies that I know. One of them suggested sending some business cards and photos to her sister who owns a kennel AND a dog grooming business. I think you would get lots of interest from the dogs who vacation at this particular kennel and have well-to-do owners. All we would have to do is make sure they know you are a friend of mine. Sometimes it pays to drop my name! Who knew!?!?

    I love your new sweater. I'm cooking up a design for an Aunt Stephy sweater for you. I'm thinking something completely outrageous. Like Ms. V Westwood on crack.

    Must run. I've got to unpack.