Monday, December 20, 2004


what can I say... i do not like that place. It is very very very cold...... I don't think I pooped for 5 days. It is very hard to poop on two legs in a snow bank with a windchill of -35. I love my grandma and sparky Sr. but it is tooooo cold.

Mom said I was a very good girl on the plane - I just curled up and went to sleep didn't make a peep. I was awful glad to get out of that bag though.

I got to meet my cousin Julien too. Boy was he fat. Not very smart either - kinda slow and plodding. Everybody laughed at him alot and he didn't know they were making fun of him. He gets to eat fancy food and wouldn't give me any which was making me relly mad - and then he ate one of my piggy things without asking. I was soooo mad. I growled and growled.

I saw Grandma's tree at the cabin too - ours is better. She should have let me help pick hers out too. I slept on Sparky Sr.'s lap alot too and he fed me grapes and oranges.

I was so excited to come in and look for Daddy when we got home that I pooped on the doorstep. I wanted to do both at once.

I'm tired... i think I will go to bed soon. my weekend was sooooo busy....


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  1. Min min, you're such a good doggie. I bet that all the other passengers on the plane were impressed with your behaviour.
    I'm sorry to hear that you had environmental constipation while you were away. Have you considered All-Bran?