Thursday, December 30, 2004


Mommy is sick with a cold and can't sleep. She just got up and banged around and woke everyone up. She keeps saying she can't breath - but she must be able to or she would be dead. She keeps making alot of noise blowing her nose - and lucky for me she leaves the snotty kleenexes lying around. I think they taste great - almost as good as greenies. I don't know why - they won't let me eat them. They are just throwing them out - I could eat them all, less garbage. If they go out today I will go back into the bathroom garbage and eat those ones. I did that yesterday, I can reach most of them.

Angie and Todd left after supper last night. I liked them. I hope I can see them again soon.

Oh and mom asked me to show Grandma this boring picture of the bedroom. They got this ikea wardrobe in the as is department with the gift certificate for cheap. Dad put some shelves in it and with the leftover money they got a tv stand. So finally all their clothes are off the floor. Dad even put their little reading lights up. But I saw what they really did - before Angie and Todd came over then just took everything and threw it in the closet - they didn't really hang it all up or fold it nicely.

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