Friday, December 31, 2004

THE sweater

mommy got the yarn yesterday - rowan cotton wool - thanks to the nice ladies at wool and wicker who rigged the holiday discount game... This is what it looks like so far. I think when she goes out for new years tonight I will add my own special touch to it.

She keeps saying that she is trying to finish it so she can wear it tonight. I hope she is kidding cause she has a long way to go.

And this is daddies new haircut - we have the same hair!!!

1 comment:

  1. Min min - Mommy really picked a nice colour for the sweater. And she's so far along already! That continental style of knitting has really paid off for her.

    And Daddy's hair cut is awesome. Mroawr! Hey, isn't that a "Little Bit of Happy" original apron he's wearing in the photo? Hmmmm, those designs are just popping up everywhere!

    Happy New Year, Min min. Uncle Andrew and I talked about how much we missed having you around tonight. We remembered that our New Years celebrations last year weren't very exciting b/c I was sick. This year we spent the evening with our nephew, Pippin and his family and friends. He peed on the floor when everyone sang Auld Lang Syne. He's just a young puppy, so I think the singing was a bit scary to him. He said to wish you a happy 2005.

    Love you lots,