Tuesday, December 7, 2004


I love my tent what are you crazy auntie steph? It is my only place of refuge. Today mom and I were playing with the ball when she supposedly accidently whacked me with the ball. I don't think it was an accident so I hid in my tent. When mom wants to put an itchy sweater on I hide in my tent. When dad yells at me for pooping in the wrong spot I hide in my tent - he usually dumps me out though.

I love my tent I wish mommy couldn't stick her head in it..... evil mommy...


  1. min min - i meant if daddy keeps giving you a hard time, you AND your tent can come stay with me.

  2. hi Minou,
    it's Julien. Mommy says it would be nice of me to say hello to you. So hi. I like your tent. I have a house too and my mom always tries to stick her head in it too. What's that all about? And last night my dad brought home our uncles to "play" with me. But Yogi won't play and i just like to chase Jroc and bite him lots.
    Anyways mommy wants the computer back, talk to you later