Saturday, December 4, 2004


it won't stop raining. Mom said she would take me for a walk to the treat store today - a nice long one. But I won't want to go if it idoesn't stop raining. What if she forces me? Can I call SPCA? I don't want to walk in the rain. Is it because she doesn't like me. She hasn't made me go poo in the rain yet this morning. I really have to go. But I will wait until it stops. I can wait longer then it can rain. I really want treats though. whoa mom keeps sneezing - it is so scary! I am going to hide in my tent until she stops.

yeseterday daddy kept calling me trailer trash cause I was picking up my tent and dragging all over the living room. I just wanted it in front of the tv and not in the corner. I'm not trailer trash. It was nothing like moving a trailer to the next town.

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  1. Min min - I'm glad to read that you still seem to like your tent. I think it was the best investment I ever made. If your daddy keeps verbally abusing you, you are welcome to drag your tent back to my house. Silly daddy.

    Miss you lots!